Research & Development

Gammasonics invests directly towards the integration of technology, implementation of advanced Medical Science and manufacturing technologies, as well as into development. The assimilation of these new technologies produces benefits that clearly extend to our partners, as well as academic and clinical.

R&D personnel are from a broad spectrum of disciplines composed of Medical Physicist, Biomedical Engineer, Software Engineers, Software Programmers, Electrical Engineers, Nuclear Medicine Technologists and supported by several Clinician from other disciplines.

"Continuous innovation" is our commitment to bring creativity and quality to our new technologies.


Some technologies developed by Gammasonics through recent years:


  • Analytic Equip – Detection of gamma rays
  • Annealing Oven – Microprocessor controlled
  • ARDMS + MCA – Radiation detection and isotope identification system for trucks and scrap metal facilities
  • AustralDigi Phantom – Digital & conventional x-ray system
  • AustralRAD Alpha-Beta Counter
  • AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor – Alpha, beta and gamma radiation detector
  • AustralRAD MCA – Portable multi channel analyser for identification of radio-isotopes
  • AustralRAD Mini 8-in-1
  • AustralRAD Mini Fukushima
  • BRASS – Body radiation detector
  • Calibration Facilities
  • EnviroRAD – automated radiation retention tanks
  • Frisky – Gamma radiation & metal detector
  • Gammaprobe for Radio Surgery
  • Heart master Treadmill & Bike – Integrated ECG/Treadmill and ECG/ Bike for cardiology
  • Hot Lab Work Station
  • Mini CAT – Scans sinus, skull, brain & temporal bones
  • PET Transport container, dispensing & deliver
  • R2 – Radiation response vehicle
  • RGE – Radiation detector with integrated gas detector
  • Syriporter – fast, accurate injections
  • X-CAT – Scans sinus, skull, brain & temporal bones