EnviroRAD Retention Tank, Radioactive Decay Tanks

EnviroRAD Retention Tank

The design and development of the Gammasonics EnviroRAD Decay Tanks utilises a new concept and fresh approach to solve ecological problems by introducing new ideas and solutions to protect the environment.

The primary objective of the EnviroRAD is to delay the discharge of radioactive substances into the water ways through monitoring and controlling dilution, decay and measurement until the substance has activity level permitted by regulatory authorities.


We have designed a unique system by introducing delay, decay and dilution tanks in a retrofit way utilising specially designed, plastic moulded, high impact polypropylene systems semi transparent with all flanges and radiation inserting pockets precast by the manufacturer to our specifications.

Distance is no longer a problem as soon as the cables are incorporated correctly by electrical staff. The communication system also includes 2 video cameras to monitor the bunker housing the tanks for any leaks or unwanted intruders. Many other features and can added upon request and programmed.



  • The EnviroRAD tanks are specially designed with radiation pockets welded in the tanks. Each detector is installed in a different position in order to not affect the radioactive level from other detectors. These detectors will measure the exact radiation level in each tank, and the results will be displayed on the controlling computer.
  • Polyethylene semi-transparent tanks with automatic transfer valves in case of a service or malfunction.
  • Specially designed air ventilation system to remove the concentration of gases from the chamber containing the tanks, leaving the area adjacent free of unpleasant and offensive smells as normally encounted in this type of installation.
  • Macerator introduces high air pressure air to create to break down solids and chemical reaction in liquids to achieve faster precipitation in the decaying process and minimise the build-up of sludge.
  • Internal automatic water sprinkling system for regular cleaning and removal of possible build-up of sludge.
  • Ultrasonic level sensors for continuously monitoring and controlling.