Mobile Digital Gamma Camera


The ERGO is all about expanded possibilities, it is about taking breakthrough technology and entirely rethinking how to use it to make real gains in improving quality whilst increasing productivity.

The design of the Ergo Gamma Camera allows clinical staff to enter a new challenge like never before to seek fresh ways to attain further improvements in quality and increase productivity whilst reducing costs.



Assisting patients in trauma and emergency departments is a new and dynamic way to see Nuclear Medicine. A Gamma Camera that is mobile allows you to take Nuclear Medicine to the patient.

ERGO applications include: Bone Spots, Lung, Liver, HIDA, Gastric Emptying, Gl Bleed, Renal, Thyroid, Parathyroid. Brain Flow, MUGA, Breast (MBl), Gallium, Indium, 3 Phase Bone, Sentinel Node, Lymphoscintigraphy and Animal Studies.