Patient Delivery System

Syri Porter

The unique design of the Syriporter helps to minimise radiation exposure to technologists and Radio-Pharmacists in PET facilities and has proven to reduced more than half. The Syriporter + Dose has been designed for specific application where radiation protection needs to be obeyed at a higher level, due to isotopes of high energy and activity. However, the Syriporter can be easily used to minimise exposure dose to those operating in Nuclear Medicine and I-131 therapy facilities by adding optional modifi cations.


The new Syriporter is a direct product study of personnel operating in PET departments. receiving a higher radiaton dose than in nuclear medicine. Understanding staff at PET facilities and how they spread their doses through the day on routine procedures is important.

The Syirporter + Dose shielding design is based on time versus activities, which bring us again to the ALARA concept. Achieving reduction of dose to operators and supporting personnel within the facility.


Syri Porter Lite

The Syriporter Lite is uniquely designed to minimise exposure by approximately 50% to the PET Nuclear Medicine technologist and Radio-Pharmacist



The Syri Porter Lite does so by allowing for a fast transfer of the syringe shield into the syringe holder. It is then easily moved from the dose preparation area to the delivery suite due to its superiorly balanced construction using a low centre of gravity distributed unto five wheels.
This Syriporter has been successfully utilised in several hospitals in Australia and overseas.



The lead glass viewing barrier is 30mm thick (8mm pb equivalent).



  • Spring action mechanism ensures safe transport of the dose by locking the syringe into position vertically
  • Syringe section able to rotate 360 degrees
  • Height adjustable from 1.2m – 1.4m (knob repositioned 90 degrees from current position)
  • It has been specially designed for a 5cc or 10cc tungsten syringe shield. Syringe shield not included
  • Syringe shield viewing port slightly rotated towards technologist for easier viewing
  • Attached metal tray (repositioned inside shield) permits the utilization of complimentary items for the procedure. This includes a small lead disk, specifically designed to push the plunger on the syringe, minimising exposure to the digits
  • Also included is a detachable miniature drip stand to hold saline bags for a quick flush of the radioisotope through a three way tap