Patient Dosimetry

Blue Light Aluminum Oxide Reader

To read the cartridge, the Blue Light Aluminum Oxide Reader provides a unique method of measuring radiation doses in the industrial environment. The System measures radiation exposure with aluminum oxide detectors (Al 2O3:C) read out by Optically Stimulated Luminescence technology.



The reader stimulates the detector with laser causing it to luminesce in proportion to the amount of radiation exposure and the intensity of stimulation light. The luminescence is detected and measured by the reader's photo multiplier tube using a high sensitivity photon counting system.

A dose calculation algorithm is then applied to the measurement to determine exposure results. This nondestructive type of readout allows for dose verification through reanalysis.
Blue Light menu-driven software residing on an external PC provides control over the setup, analysis, and data recording enabling dosimeter read out and reader quality control.
The Blue Light Reader includes operating, analysis and dose calculation algorithm software and laptop computer.



  • No nitrogen require
  • No aniline require
  • Laser reading light
  • Computer dependant PC or laptop
  • 49 AOD (aluminum oxide detectors) / loader
  • Time / reading: 5 sec