Radiotherapy Treatment


Oncotherm develops, manufactures and markets cancer treatment systems that utilise Oncothermia to treat tumors. Oncothermia is a further development of the classical method of Hyperthermia, one of the oldest cancer treatment methods, and it allows a personalised, non" toxic therapy using an electric field and promoting the body's natural regulatory processes.

In accordance with its corporate philosophy, Oncotherm's mission is to heal cancer, to increase cancer patients' life expectancies and to improve patients' quality of life.



In general, Oncothermia can be used with all stages of cancer, although its current main use is with advanced solid tumors that are hardly operable or inoperable, as well as with recurrent tumors and metastases.

Oncothermia selectively heats the tumor tissue in the region to be treated. For this reason, Oncothermia is particularly indicated for the treatment of localised solid tumors. It does not matter whether the tumor is located on the surface or deep down. The principle of self-focusing also allows moving regions of the body to be treated, such as the lungs, or thermo-sensitive regions such as the brain. Oncothermia is effective both in areas with high blood flow, such as the liver, and in regions with high air circulation, such as the lungs.