Digital Surgical Gamma Probe For Lymph Biopsy

Digital Surgical GammaProbe for lymph biopsy

The "Gammaprobe Surgical Explorer" is to assist surgeons in finding the nodes that are seen by the Mobile Gamma Camera as the possibility that a node too far away from the incision cannot be detected by the Gammaprobe easily. However, the Gamma Camera can achieve that.



The Explorer carries the most reliable and precise detector ever used in a Gammaprobe to assist sentinel node biopsy in surgery.

The Explorer Gammaprobe can also be used in Nuclear Medicine in the easy identification in Parathyroid Glands, in the thyroid uptake.

The Touch screen computer included operates with a user friendly software package providing
surgeons with invaluable information in real time.



  • Bright and large display with ease to read
  • Storage of patient data (60GB)
  • Provision to connect to hospital information management system to exchange data such as patient medical history, surgical information, surgery results, radioisotope injection record etc