Radiation Foods Contamination Analyser

Becquerel Monitor

The Gammasonics AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor has been specifically designed and calibrated for the monitoring of food, minerals, liquids and biological products with low levels of radioactivity.



The AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor was originally designed in the 1990's to supply Special Government Agencies, Embassies, Prime Ministers and Presidents in conflict areas to aid security procedures.

The superior aestheticly designed AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor utilises the Marinelli Beaker principle to load samples into a shielded chamber for analysis.



One unique feature of the AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor that sets it apart from its competitors is the fact it is based on digital technology. Many other units available are analogue and use old software and technology to complete basic tests. Our windows style software and electronics enhance the system making it ideal for laboratory use where accuracy is required.

The Gammasonics unit incorporates, advanced, user friendly software and electronics in order to successfully measure the total amount of gammas in a single sample.