Radiation Inspection Measurement System

AustralRAD Aqua 50


High flux radiation detector-the AustralRAD Aqua 50 is designed for the inspection and measurement of high activity gamma dose.

Activity range max = 1000 Sv/h

The AustralRAD Aqua 50 is the ideal instrument for the inspection of nuclear reactor power plants and recycling facilities.

The AustralRAD Aqua 50 is designed to be a simple, effective inspection and measurement tool for the engineers and nuclear scientists in normal and routine inspections, or in an emergency. We include as standard a ballast that can be easily removed.



  • Included display and electronics, no require external display meter (included)
  • Measurement energy: Gamma only
  • Detector type: GM high flux detector
  • Energy range: 40keV – 2.5 MeV (±20%)
  • Measurement range: 1 mSv/h to 1 Sv/h, 1 mSv/h to 100 Sv/h, 1 mSv/h to 1000 Sv/h
  • Average response time: 1 second
  • Background: Automatic / manual compensation
  • Integrated dose: Automatic