Total Body Counter for Personnel – Radiation Detection

Total Body Counter for Personnel – Radiation Detection

This Total Body Counter is a radiation detector portal which can be quickly assembled anywhere.



The sensitivity of the Gammasonics Whole Body Contamination Monitor makes it possible to detect alpha, beta and gamma helping to minimise risk to personnel working in cyclotron facilities.
This monitor has been designed to incorporate a multitude of sensors to ensure total protection, giving peace of mind. It can be positioned to designated areas which have been allocated as a green or red zone – or also known as controlled and uncontrolled areas.
This unit has been carefully designed particularly in the way that the detection of radioisotopes is performed. Contamination of personnel can happen in the extremities such as the hands and feet. To ensure nothing in missed, this unit has been fitted with hand, head and foot monitors beside the body sensors for total coverage.
The user friendly software permits the operator, to execute incredibly precise commands to visualise and keep records of every action performed during the scanning process.



  • Automatic background subtraction and updating
  • Infrared sensor technology for proximity of personnel entering the unit
  • Two levels of password security
  • Plastic detectors for optimised detection efficiency
  • Fast Alarm/Fast Clean counting technology for shorter counting cycles
  • Recount and contaminated detector check options
  • The unit is fitted and designed with an automatic algorithm that minimises over activity in individual channels. This unique feature will automatically trigger an alarm condition that will be activated when the threshold is reached to warn the operator of a high level of activity in the individual.
  • Desktop PC with a 17 inch LCD display for easy viewing
  • Includes networking capabilities to integrate the system into the facility to enable sharing of information with security personnel utilising different levels of encryption
  • Other features available depending on order request