Wipe Test Counter

Wipe Test Counter

The Gammasonics Wipe Test Counter is easy to use, easy to understand, fast and dependable. When performing a wipe test, the full spectrum is displayed. A wide window that includes the isotope energies expected in a particular department is set by the user. The efficiencies of the isotopes selected for the window can be either factory defaults or user determined using an integrated detector efficiency program.

Individual isotope ROIs along with the wide window can be set. This feature helps identify the isotope(s) causing contamination.  The system consists of an AustralRAD Mini 8 In 1 Wireless detector, External End Window Le Torch, wipe test counter, and Wipe Test strips.

The wipe counter is designed to meet or exceed all NRC  (10 CFR 35.70, 10 CFR 20.1906 and 10 CFR 35.2067) and state wipe test requirements. There are automated programs for the quality assurance functions: calibration, FWHM, chi-square and minimum detectable activity (MDA).
Wipe test results and QA test data can be downloaded to a PC, stored and printed at any time


  • Easy-to-use, large touch screen display with intuitive menus
  • User-specific wipe locations and trigger levels
  • Ability to help identify isotopes causing contamination
  • Detailed wipe reports including cpm and dpm
  • Wipe testing results stored
  • USB Ports allow connection


  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radio pharmacy
  • Nuclear industry
  • Military
  • National security
  • Ports


  • Energy Response: 20 keV to 2.5 MeV
  • Response Time: Typically 1 second from 10-90% of final reading
  • Radiation Detected: Alpha, Beta and Gamma
  • Accuracy: 10% of full range display, depending on energy response
  • Measurement Range: Auto ranging
  • Units: (uR/hr, mR/hr, R/hr, nSv/hr, uSv/hr, mSv/hr, cps)
  • Batteries: Internal rechargeable alkaline batteries trough wall-mounted cradle
  • Readout connections: USB port facility through communicator base to PC to collect data sampling and logging reading of areas of interest.
  • Micro processor features: Latest powerful atmel's ARM7 TDMI® ARM® Thumb® processor ,32 Bit RISC architecture, 512kB internal flash memory, 64kB high speed SRAM, 40 MHz speed Serial/ USB/ USART communication.
  • Control buttons: Mode – changes readings; Log – stores current display data; Rate/Integrating – displays