Radiation Services

Compliance Certification Department

GGammasonics is the largest and most experienced organisation in ionising radiation QA in Australia, with more than 50,000 units across all forms of medical imaging and nuclear medicine, modalities Australia wide. Since 2000, with the introduction of Government accredited testing, Gammasonics has demonstrated advanced capabilities and world leading expertise in the industry.

Initially when Gammasonics started the QA tests, more than 80% of the private and public practices failed to satisfy the regulations of the local authorities.

Radiation services also provide radiation shielding calculations, patient dose calculations and environmental surveys.

X-ray Compliance Testing Form


Compliance Certification for:
  • Dental X-Ray including Cone Beam CT
  • General Diagnostic X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopic X-Ray
  • Mobile Imaging Intensifiers
  • Mammography X-Ray
  • CT Scanners
  • Industrial X-Ray

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Other Services:
  • Shielding Calculations
  • Accreditation Services
  • Radiation Protection / Planning
  • Premises Certification
  • Radiation Surveys
  • Radiation Dose Calculations
  • Government Licensing Liaison



Due to the experiences of Gammasonics in the field of radiation measurement, we have been able to assist and provide advise to regulating authorities such as Health Commissions, radiation branches and EPA, within Australia and overseas. Gammasonics has help to created a positive environment between clients, suppliers of capital equipment and government bodies.

Gammasonics has the largest database in Australia on certified radiation producing equipment. We can assist you with our experience and qualified knowledge to achieve the best results with the minimal fuss. The savings that we can achieve, can be utilised in other areas of your practices, to improve conditions for operators and patients.


We provide Radiation Trainings