Australian Government reports on Gammasonics Australian Export Success Stories

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Over the past ten years more than 100,000 patients in Australia alone and almost a million worldwide have undergone less radical treatment for cancer because of a Gamma probe which was developed by the Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research.

Involved in nuclear medicine, x-rays and radiotherapy, Gammasonics designs and manufactures radiation detection equipment for the diagnostic, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, industrial radiation, security sectors and mining industry.

Gammasonics personal radiation dosimetry, used in the detection of cancers, also has many other uses, including military and anti-terrorism security applications. The company has a world-wide patent on a Passive Radiation Warning Device and a Body Radiation Application Search Scanner, both used in the detection of smuggled radionuclide. These products are particularly timely because of the threat of conventional explosives embedded with radioactive material.

Gammasonics is now exporting its technologies and instrumentation around the globe. In November 2005, the company signed a joint collaboration/partnership with Landauer Inc., the largest provider of personal radiation dosimetry in the world which has a current database of more than 45 million readings per year. Through this partnership, Landauer distributes Gammasonics' Australian-produced technology in the United States and a number of other markets.

Professor Carl Munoz-Ferrada, Gammasonics' CEO, says that ease of doing business under the Australian-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) contributed to a positive approach and the building of confidence when Gammasonics was negotiating its agreement with Landauer.

"AUSFTA helped us in the business transfer of technology knowledge. We felt we never had a chance in that market in the past," Professor Munoz-Ferrada said.

Australia has a number of Free Trade Agreements in addition to AUSFTA, including a Free Trade Agreement with Thailand (TAFTA), with Singapore (SAFTA), and with New Zealand (ANZCERTA).  For details go to