• Gammasonics have upgraded their standards of quality to ISO 9001-2000

    Gammasonics have upgraded their standards of quality to ISO 9001-2000

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  • Depleted Uranium – "The Silver Bullet"

    Summary Article 35 of the Geneva protocols, signed by 150 countries in 1949 and an additional protocol signed from 1977 onwards prohibited the use of weapons that cause and inflict unnecessary injury and suffering. In the recent wars such as Bosnia, Kosovo and the Gulf War, more than 31,000 missiles were launched against enemy lines containing DU and more than 300 tonnes of DU during the Gulf War alone. DU is a radioactive and toxic element.

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  • Cancer Probe

    Thursday, 31 August 2000 Until recently, breast cancer meant surgery to remove the tumour, a large section of breast tissue and most of the lymph nodes from under the arm - just to be certain no cancer remains. Although essential to prevent cancer from spreading, this lymph surgery can itself result in permanent physical disability long after the operation. Now, instead of removing 10 or 20 lymph nodes 'just in case' - a new technique is helping

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