Compact yet Powerful

Dedicated to radiation protection of the environment & security. Help to Detect effectively the illegal movement and criminal use of radioactive material
The ARDMS Advance detectors CsI (NaI) or Plastic scintillator detector are mounted vertically at weighbridge providing full vertical coverage of the vehicle. The ARDMS has been developed to detect radiation simultaneously by the 2 towers to measure the level of activity with a minimum discrepancy between towers.

The ARDMS Advance can also be programmed to operate as a stand-alone where each tower is a detector with its own autonomy. This advantage is ideal for service of the system or if one of the towers has been damaged.

Another high standard advantage is the long-life battery that keeps the system full operating for 24 hours without power energy.

Gammasonics provides two options of scintillators:
Classic or Plastic

ARDMS Advance Features

  • CsI (NaI) or Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) Scintillator
  • Continuous monitoring background measurement for each tower
  • Data logging: alarms, testing and scans
  • IP camera with night vision
  • Motion video of all events, allowing current and past events to be examined
  • Infrared sensors to detect & measure vehicle approach speed
  • Fully independent, does not require either internet or another system
  • Optional isotope detection using multi-channel analyser (MCA).
  • Purpose-built touchscreen control user-friendly interface, easy to operate with graphical options
  • Temperature sensor to monitor detector, an operational condition unique to Gammasonics. This facility automatically recalibrates the scintillator to accommodate the system to the different weather conditions.

ARDMS Advance Applications

  • International and domestic entry / departure
  • Nuclear Research Applications / Laboratories
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants
  • Defence / National Security
  • Mineral Sand industry / Uranium Industry
  • Scrap metal recycling plants

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