Austral-Rad Personnel Portal/Mobile Monitor

Austral-Rad Personnel Portal/Mobile Monitor can be quickly assembled anywhere.

The Austral-Rad Personnel Portal/Mobile Monitor has been specifically designed to meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standard requirements.The unit consists of two Beta and Gamma detectors which are enclosed within a tough, durable casing thus ensuring there is no need for additional weather proofing or protection. The units works by performing a quick scan of the user once they are positioned between the two portal monitors. The unit then provides confirmation of contamination through both an audible and visual signal.


  • Detects Beta and Gamma Radiation
  • Assembly in under 3 minutes
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Ideal solution for airport terminals, railway stations, checkpoints etc.
  • Includes laptop with custom designed software
  • Power source 240V or 12V battery
  • No disassembly required
  • Optional chair and table


  • International and domestic entry / departure
  • Luggage Carousel gates/ Border Control
  • Postal service / Freight terminal
  • Cyclotron
  • Nuclear Research Applications / laboratories
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants
  • Defence/ National Security
  • Environment Protection Authority - EPA
  • Radiation Contamination/ Protection​

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