The Cardius® X-ACT+ is the world’s first SPECT MPI system that features:

  • Solid-state detector
  • Rapid imaging detector geometry
  • Fully integrated low dose fluorescence x-ray attenuation correction
  • Advanced 3D-OSEM reconstruction techniques
  • Patient satisfying ergonomics
  • TruACQ Count Based Imaging™

The Explorer carries the most reliable and precise detector ever

  • Innovative Solid-State Technology – Cardius® X-ACT proprietary solid state, high definition detectors offer superior clinical performance and reliability
  • Rapid Imaging System – The high efficiency, solid-state triple-head design with nSPEED™ 3D-OSEM reconstruction, and integrated attenuation correction reduces total imaging time
  • Less space, less work, and less power requirements
  • No site modifications required
  • No need to lead-line rooms
  • Minimum space required 2700 mm x 2400 mm
  • Reduced costs per procedure
  • Comfortably image bariatric, claustrophobic, or COPD patients
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Raised clinical confidence and accuracy
  • Ability to perform higher specificity SPECT MPI stress-only imaging protocols
  • High Specification
  • Low Dose
  • Improved Patient Ergonomics
  • Attenuation Correction The Cardius X-ACT+ imaging system makes it possible to perform cardiac SPECT/FAC studies by employing new low dose fluorescence attenuation correction techniques

Co-Registered Transmission/Emission

Short Axis Slices

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