The ideal application for the effective detection of radioisotopes including alpha, beta and gamma

(gamma or beta and alpha*)

The system includes 7 highly sensitive GM type radiation detectors while 7 different channels display the information on a PC or laptop as standard (note standard unit includes PC).

The Radiation Dose/Activity System also includes Biometrics with face recognition technology.

The fastest Biometric technology available is not needed to place hands on a reader or place your eyes precisely in front of a scanner. Instead we can silently capture a photograph with high definition.


  • Laboratory with automatic sliding doors-
  • Radiation detector fitted on the outside.
  • Person is allowed to enter.
  • Person decides to leave the premises.
  • Radiation detector fitted on the inside.
  • Biometrics not fitted.
  • Alarms indicate that the individual is trying to remove radioactive material but he manages to disappear in the complex.
  • If biometrics was fitted in conjunction with the radiation detector, an image would be produced instantly.
  • Biometrics receive a signal that radioactivity is carried by non authorized individual.
  • Recognition was executed by the recognition system there is a record that this individual carries radioactivity.
  • Evaluation – no more than 5 seconds!


  • Cyclotron
  • Nuclear Research Applications / laboratories
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants
  • Defence/ National Security
  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radio pharmacy / PET
  • Radio Analysis and Radio Pharmacy
  • Radiation Contamination/ Protection
  • Radiation Personnel Dosimeter

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