Spectrometer and Counting MCA Amplifier- Single & Multi (Coincidence)

The Austral-Rad Coincidence is a very compact multichannel analyzer (MCA) and front-end data acquisition system for scintillator detectors with photo­ multiplier readout.

The Austral-Rad MCA Coincidence includes the latest electronics available utilising micro processing power.

For the first time there is an MCA coincidence that allows you to perform measurements on gamma.


Special Features
  • Mounted directly
  • USB - Plug and play
  • Networking capabilities
  • Counter mode (optional)
  • All standard scintillation detectors with 14pin socket
  • Nal(TI), Csl (TI), Csl(Na), BGO, CdWO4, plastic


  • International and domestic entry / departure
  • Luggage Carousel gates/ Border Control
  • Postal service / Freight terminal
  • Cyclotron
  • Nuclear Research Applications / laboratories
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants
  • Defence/ National Security
  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radio pharmacy / PET
  • Environment Protection Authority - EPA
  • Radio Analysis and Radio Pharmacy
  • Biological Irradiation
  • Radiation Contamination/ Protection

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