The original Gammaprobe Surgical Explorer is back!

The Gammaprobe Surgical Explorer assists surgeons in quick and precise detection of nodes during sentinel node biopsy and in Nuclear Medicine for the easy identification of Parathyroid Glands

Gammaprobe Surgical Explorer

The Explorer carries the most reliable and precise detector ever

  • Bright and large, easy to read display
  • Information in real-time
  • Energy Range 27 keV to 200 keV
  • Sensitivity Tc-99m, I-125 seeds
  • Detector Csl (TI) 6mm Diameter Window 4mm Diameter
  • Gammaprobe has been assisting surgeons for over 25 years with a reliable and precise detector
  • Simple charging and sterilisation procedures permit the safe storage of the probe

More precision adding Ergo

  • By adding a Gamma Camera like The Ergo, precision can be increased even further as surgeons are able to see nodes deeper in the body
  • The Ergo Gamma Camera can be included to see nodes that are too far away from the incision


  • Surgery
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Tc-99m mapping
  • Lymphatics studies
  • PET Gammaprobe

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