Hot Lab

Hot Lab | The Complete Solution from the Design to the new Concept
Design and Shield Calculation is part of our Service

Gammasonics offers customised hot laboratory workstations that will make your working environment efficient, pleasurable and most importantly safe. The modular system allows different configurations of the lab to suit the needs of the department and personnel. Our standard cupboards include laundry chute cupboard, dose calibrator cupboard, waste disposal cupboard, general storage cupboard, and overhead cupboard with optional glass doors. Variations or alternative cupboards can be accommodated.

The lead shielding needs to be calculated according to the energy level of the isotope.
The dimensions described can be maintained to accommodate the shielding requirement.
The internal dimensions may change according to the shielding but the external dimensions stay the same.
The number of flexible designs is multiple to accommodate Nuclear Medicine and PET requirements.​

The Mini Hot Lab

Can be used as a divider to create a Hot Lab inside the gamma camera room, because the back of Mini Hot Lab is shielded

The Mini hot lab is specially designed for efficiency in tight areas. This unit allows the removal of the calibrator for cleaning and maintenance whilst the cupboards have adjustable shelves accommodating different size sharps containers. The bench is reinforced enabling it to support additional lead barriers.

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