The standard radiology window is suitable for energy up to 180 keV Other Energy’s on Request

Pre-Certified Lead Glass Window

The Pre-certified Radiation Lead Glass Window helps builders, architects, and engineers to minimise the problems created when the designing, acquire or install a lead window panel.

The design of the window includes the extra lead shielding that is required to comply with the integrity of the lead shielding already included in the walls.

Our Pre-Certified Lead Glass Window has been designed to include a 2.2mm (Pb) lead glass that takes the energy level to the maximum to minimise confusion.


The glass is already fixed to one end of the metal frame with sufficient lead material overlapping.

The window frame is supplied in six different standard sizes to simplify installation and reduce costs.

The front window panel is made in stainless steel and the back panel is powder coated painted in the official radiation colour
and is stamped indicating the lead content for full shielding integrity stating the lead equivalency and dimension of the glass plus a serial number with pre-certification.

The pre-certification will be completed at the manufacturing energy utilising radiation sources of activity level that will make the window suitable for all X-Ray energy levels.

Application also in Nuclear Medicine

As the energy levels have large variations in Nuclear Medicine compared to Radiology, we pre-certify the window in accordance
to the energy level that the organisation has requested. The installation must follow the guidelines supplied by Gammasonics.

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