The system has become the standard worldwide in achieving a completely safe environment

The EnviroRAD system automatically delay, decay and dilution the discharge of radioactive substances into the waterways through monitoring and controlling the measurement until the substance reaches the activity level permitted by regulatory authorities

EnviroRAD I -131 Features

  • Enviro-Rad monitors and controls the radionuclide discharge from hospitals facility conducting iodine I-131 treatment
  • A unique technology by introducing delay, decay, and dilution and can be retrofitted
  • Distance from patients suite is no longer a problem
  • Incorporating Bradley PLC system
  • The process is controlled by the software, same technology encountered in the petrochemical and nuclear industry
  • We use remote video cameras to monitor the bunker facilities


  • Cyclotron
  • Nuclear Research Applications/laboratories
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants
  • Defence and National Security
  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radiopharmacy / PET
  • Environment Protection Authority - EPA

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