Lightweight lead panels are lead sheet laminated to a rigid lightweight board which complies with all of the regulatory requirements for shielding and handling

(gamma or beta and alpha*)


  • The lead is lined with a peel off paper so builders don't have to handle or touch the lead.
  • The panel sizes meet the regulatory height requirement of 2100 mm for shielding (1200 mm wide)
  • The panels have a 20 mm offset/ flap in order to ensure that the lead overlaps at all joins
  • 1-2 men can handle them and comply with the OH&S weight requirements.
  • The panels can be cut with a Stanley knife to permit services to pass through
  • Use of a band saw is not required avoiding lead dust issues
  • The panels bend around corners, as demonstrated in the images provided
  • Installation is simple and quick as the panels are just screwed into the stud work.

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