The only portable radiation shield that is PET/MRI compatible

The unique design of the Syriporter helps to minimise radiation exposure to Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radio-Pharmacist in PET by up to 80%.

Recommended isotopes F-18 Tc-99m Ga-68 Lu-177 I-131 plus more.

The  First Portable Injection System suitable for PET/CT • PET/MRI • F-18 • Tc-99m •
Ga-68 • Lu-177 • I-131 & more

The Syriporter multi isotope plus permits the delivery of other isotopes without limitations unlike the automatic system.

The New PET/MRI+I-131 Syriporter Features and Functions

The Syriporter has been designed with a 35mm thick glass which is 15mm lead equivalent glass window and with a barrier of 15 mm lead shielding material for better protection. The lead glass can also be replaced by a tablet PC and video camera

An optional unique feature of the Syriporter + Dose is an inclusion of a dose product meter that can be programmed to calculate the required time and dose being received by the operator during the procedure. The alarm will warn the operator of the time left before the ALARA principal has been followed

An important feature is the inclusion of the saline bag stick connected to a 3-way valve(permitting the operator removing any residuals of radio-isotopes left between the patient tubing and the syringe shield helping reduce the dose even further)

The Syriporter can be acquired as a stand-alone device but belongs to The Concept System

Syriporter Applications:

  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radiopharmacy / PET
  • Shield
  • Biological Irradiation

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