Co-57 Flood Sources to maintain the Gamma Cameras working properly

Providing a uniform field of radiation for evaluation of Nuclear Medicine gamma camera performance, allowing detection and correction of any camera malfunction prior to diagnostic use.

The Co-57 flood sources are available in a variety of circular and rectangular dimensions, with activities to meet the standards established by the manufactures of the gamma cameras the life of a 20mCi Co-57 flood source is approximately 3 years.

Perflexion™ - The only flexible flood source

  • The Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight.
  • The Perflexion flood source has unique flexible design.
  • Smallest form factor: The Perflexion flood source rolls to fit in a 6”x6”x22” tube for easy storage.
  • Best shielding: Tungsten composite Wolfguard shield.

FeatherLite™ - The lightest flood source

  • FeatherLite Co-57 flood sources consist of cobalt chloride uniformly dispersed onto a thin substrate which is then placed in an ABS encapsulation and ultrasonically welded.
  • FeatherLite weighs up to 60% less than other rigid flood sources.
  • FeatherLite is even easier to handle, saving strain on your back.​
  • FeatherLite is now available for all popular cameras.

C-Thru™ - The only transparent flood source

  • C-Thru’s source holder is made of transparent, durable plastic.
  • C-Thru’s radioactive area is clearly visible, enabling the C-Thru source to be easily positioned on the camera head.


  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radio pharmacy / PET
  • Quality Control

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