No more separated workstations, messy cables and poor connections

Introducing the completely redesigned and reengineered Heartmaster™ Med Treadmill & Bike. Each system consists of a sampling hardware device, stress test software and exercise equipment. Both include 12 leads ECG synchronously sampling, saving the data of the whole exercise process, ST segment of the whole exercise process, ECG review/replay/average review of the whole exercise process, Multiple trend chart analysis, and multiple printable report. The patient’s exercise status can be recorded, with the heart exercise function clearly displayed on the touchscreen laptop.

The Heartmaster™Med Treadmill & Bike are compatible with all leading ECG manufacturers.

The Heartmaster™ Med Bike

Bike Features

  • Reclining Seat for utilisation with gamma camera or emergency procedures
  • Retractable wheels allowing for easy mobility for relocation
  • Interface to most commercially available ECGs
  • Inbuilt rechargeable power supply for remote mobility
  • Rugged construction requiring minimal maintenance
  • Low impact, high output workout

The Heartmaster™ Treadmill

Mechanical and Electrical Features

  • Unique Overstress Prevention System™ - computer program obtains feedback from ECG, adjusts the speed of the treadmill according to the stress level and reduces the chance to over-stress patients
  • Interface to most of commercial ECGs Systems
  • Front and side hand rails
  • Strong 3HP AC motor with dual actuators maintains stability and offers an extra measure of safety
  • 0-25% smooth and silent incline system
  • Long-lasting running and driving belt requires minimal maintenance

Can also assist Nuclear Medicine

The HeartMaster Med Bike can also assist Nuclear Medicine Department to see the movement of Colloid and Isotope in real time
utilising a Gamma Camera or Digital Radiography.

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