Gamma irradiation devices are fully protected devices for comfortable, effective and precise irradiationin transfusion medicine and research

Maximum throughput

The extra-high radiation volume enables irradiation of up to 20 blood bags in one single cycle and the use of a wide variety of special containers. With the BIOBEAM 8000, two positions are available for the beakers. The position for smaller beakers are closer to the source and receive a higher dose rate. Therefore the irradiation period can be halved, when irradiating smaller volumes.

Optimum homogeneity

The oscillation of the source provides an optimum dose distribution within the full irradiation volume. A dose difference of less than 10% can be realised by using special irradiation inserts.

Radiation surveillance

BIOBEAM blood irradiation systems are fully protected devices with-less than 3 uSv/h surface dose rate. This means that no additional radiation protection measures are necessary. Also there is no radiation surveillance required for staff, e.g. your personnel has not to be equipped with dosimeters.

Highest safety

The safety functions of the BIOBEAM guarantee highest safety, e.g. the monitoring system, which controls the irradiation period, the oscillation of the source, the rotation of the irradiation load, the position of the rotary shielding and the irradiation beaker closure.


  • Operation with key switch and safety code
  • Irradiation cycle in progress continues for up to 20 min, in case of power failure
  • Removal of the irradiation load also in case of system failure
  • Interdependent locking of loading hatch and irradiation chamber
  • Monitoring and control of irradiation period, oscillation of source, rotation of the irradiation load, position of the rotary shielding, irradiation beaker closure
  • Automatic recognition of used irradiation beaker
  • Self-check of the irradiation unit before and during the irradiation procedure
  • Integrated computer continually saves all data relevant to the irradiation process
  • User-friendly touchscreen which is connected to an in-built, high-performance industrial computer.
  • Barcode reader and printer for comfortable irradiation documentation
  • Integration of BIOBEAM in a blood bank software via an optional network connection
  • Observation monitor (nurse station)
  • Inserts for specific irradiation tasks.


  • Radio Analysis and Radio Pharmacy
  • Biological Irradiation
  • Blood Banks
  • Organ Irradiation

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