High-quality 3D imaging is invaluable for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

xCAT system is an advanced technology cone-beam computed tomography (CT) 2D and 3D scanning, that contains an X-ray mounted on a rotating scanning C-arm, a personal computer with an integrated widescreen monitor, and an image-processing unit.

The superior resolution and high accuracy of the system, including 3D reconstruction and the clinical usefulness of the system. That it can help to increase patient safety, reduce morbidity and reduce operating time and costs.

• Intraoperative mobile xCAT
• Because for successful surgical interventions…
• Image quality matters and a full-body CT won’t fit into your OR


  • Compact – stores in OR for immediate access
  • 4 wheels steering - easy to move into position
  • Self-shielded - safe operation from the console


  • Confirm - accuracy of implants, plates, and fracture reductions
  • Optimize - surgical procedure with real-time IGS update
  • Visualize - with sub-millimeter spatial resolution


  • Verify - completeness, get it right the first time
  • Link – seamless connection to PACS
  • Enable - adjustments to surgical plan

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