Safe treatment of hyperthyroidism and hyperparathyroidism
in cats and small animals

The original Cat Capsule (Cat Cage) designed by Gammasonics in early 2000 has been successfully used in veterinary clinics across Australia.

The unique design of the 1-131 Capsula permits the unit to be utilised as a Hyperbaric chamber without the need for purchasing a dedicated unit to perform this type of treatment. Furthermore, the 1-131 Capsula is critical to assist staff to give the highest levels of attention and care to the feline patient. Our approach is clean and simple, minimising the possible problems presented to veterinary staff when managing radioactive animal patients.

The 1-131 Capsula makes it easy to control and manage animal patients, helping the practice to comply with all health and safety regulations imposed by the state and following the ALARA principle for staff and patients.

The stress that the feline patient suffers being away from their owners is minimised as the design allows for the introduction of remote video surveillance and recordings of the owner’s voice which can be programmed to sound during certain times such as feeding time, so the animal does not feel isolated.

1-131 Capsula for cats and small animals Advantages

  • The highest level of radiation protection for staff.
  • Staff and owners can have close visual contact, whilst avoiding the risk of exposure and contamination.
  • Follows the ALARA principle for staff and patients.
  • Minimises potential litigation by staff for exposure to radiation or contamination from radioisotopes.
  • No need to shield the room as the capsules provide the highest level of self-shielding with a certificate of integrity supplied with every unit.
  • Easy to clean
  • Permits cage relocation

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