To dispense I-131, minimising the dose to patients and reducing unnecessary exposure to personnel

The 1-131 Delivery and Dispensing unit assists both the vet and nurses by providing improved protection during the delivery of 1-131 to the animal. The Gammasonics 1-131 DD Unit consists of two high energy lead glass barriers which provide protection for 364 keV 1-131 and can easily be upgraded to 511 keV for FDG (PET). The nurse can be immobilise the animal whilst still receiving full protection to the head and body.

​The unit can also be fitted with a flush mounted lead lined chamber for the 1-131 pot. There is sufficient space in the carriage to include a storage safe for other applications if needed.

​All of which makes the 1-131 Dispensing and Shield a truly multi-purpose unit.


Mobile Carriage Features

  • Manufactured from non-magnetic high impact plastic materials.
  • White bench top to match other components of the unit.
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • Four (4) caster wheels and handle for ease of maneuverability
  • Two (2) convenient lockable wheels.
  • Two shelves for accessories.
  • Dimensions of carriage for good stability

High Energy Bench Top Shield Features

  • Includes two rated I-131 lead pot shields flush mounted to the base of the bench top shield.
  • The I- 131 dose or capsules can be easily accessed by he unique design of our lifting dispenser, which allows the operator to retrieve the capsules from the lead safe pots within minimum time reducing exposure to extremities.
  • Base consisting of embedded tray for spill protection


  • Vet
  • 1-131 Delivery

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