Providing Hyperbaric Treatment for small animals

The Importance of Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen supply is necessary for the survival of cells, being the key component of the physiological state of organs in both humans and mammals, resulting in a clear and harmonious balance between oxygen delivery and consumption within the body

In humans and mammals oxygen is transported by the red blood cells circulating in a well organised vascular system. Tissue oxygenation is severely disturbed during pathological conditions such as cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, bone fractures, limb dislocation etc. All this interaction with the body is normally associated with the decrease in (P. 02). Hypoxia studies in this area have discovered the importance for radiotherapy patients to have the correct oxygenation to accelerate the healing of the organs disturbed by the intervention.

The immune system that completes the defence system in our body actively delivers lymphatic to the treatment of areas affected by lesions, fractures, infection etc. Oxygen will deliver the required energy to cells to grow and continue the good physiology of the body.
With the inclusion of an oxygen input. the 1-131 Capsula can provide Hyperbaric treatment decreasing the recovery time for the feline patient.

OxyTreat 5000 will not produce any bleeding or dry nasal passages


  • It adopts PSA principle to obtain the oxygen by pure physical manner. It can continuously produce oxygen in an efficient and safe manner.
  • High and low voltage alarming system
  • LED time counting system
  • Power off alarming system
  • Remote control, timing system
  • Optional remote control, timing and oxygen nebulization, Oxygen density monitor
  • Low power consumption
  • Environmental Protective, without harmful byproducts


  • Biological Irradiation
  • Surgery
  • Vet

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