Fastest response Radiation Emergency and
Inspection in all Terrains and Conditions, Air, Sea
or Ground with GPS

The multiple detectors are connected to the onboard computer giving a precise and real-time identification of any source type hiding in the assessed containers, pallets or boxes. Even when the radiation source has been concealed in a lead container, our scintillators are sensitive to detect slight changes in the background of the area.

The custom-programmed on the onboard computer of the R2 can control all functions and report making it a true flexible inspection tool. The real-time response and mobile nerve centre identified position provided by the onboard Global Positioning System (GPS)

Two Versions Available

  • Retrofittable unit as a kit, fully operational and tested
  • Fully integrated into R-2 mobile vehicle plus R-2 accessories

The response vehicle is light and is capable of operating in all types of terrains


  • All-terrain vehicle R2
  • Specifically designed by Gammasonics as a multiple task vehicle Principally designed for the on-site inspection of cargo and shipping terminals by air, land or sea
  • Ready to carry 4 crew members and equipped for immediate operations
  • Truly mobile inspection platform with similar capabilities offered by regularly fixed inspection stations. It boasts the ability of convenience to relocate to desired hot spots as required.
  • R2 is a new unique purpose-built tool which would be found indispensable by military, police, customs, fire departments, etc. Used R2 can perform lab tasks and response.


  • Includes the Austral-Rad Mini 8 in 1, survey meter/ area monitor to measure the radiation level inside of the vehicle cabin.
  • Vehicle tyre decontamination
  • Storage facility radiation safe
  • Handheld fast neutron and gamma nuclide identification
  • Radionuclide manipulators
  • Radiation decontamination kit


  • International and domestic entry / departure
  • Defence/ National Security
  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radio pharmacy / PET
  • Radiation Contamination/ Protection
  • Radiation Survey

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