To detect alpha, beta and gamma contamination on personnel’s garments

Gammasonics’ Radiation Laundry Monitor is specifically designed for the monitoring of alpha, beta and gamma contamination on personnel’s clothing.

The unit includes three plastic scintillators and electronics built inside, and also a computer with a powerful software. The software allows the user to adjust a wide range of settings including background level, count time, alarm level, etc.

​A conveyor belt carries clothing between detectors. When the contamination exceeds the given alarm set point an audible and visible alarm will be indicated.


  • Adjustable count rate alert
  • The software is automatically updated on background


  • International and domestic entry / departure
  • Luggage Carousel gates/ Border Control
  • Postal service / Freight terminal
  • Cyclotron
  • Nuclear Research Applications / laboratories
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants
  • Defence/ National Security
  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radio pharmacy / PET
  • Environment Protection Authority - EPA
  • WHS/OH&S requirement
  • Radio Analysis and Radio Pharmacy
  • Radiation Contamination/ Protection
  • Radiation Survey

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